Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm finally a "Real Missionary"!

So this week we finished the 12 week training program so I am a real missionary now! But we got transfer calls this week! Its quite an interesting situation, my new companion is a Korean!  The ward I am serving in now is his home ward! So I know his family! but the new area I'm going to is amazing the church used to be the biggest church in Asia it might still be the biggest I am not to sure! but the church is were all the mission conferences and big gatherings happen! so this next month Elder Cook is coming to my church for a mission conference! but the area I am serving is called 영등포( young deng po)- I have the hardest time with English- Korean! haha but this week was great we had stake conference which is my whole zone! So we spent Saturday and Sunday at the stake center! but the rest of the week was pretty much the same! Elder Payne left to Japan yesterday so we are in a three some right now with his companion, he is on his way to compete in another competition! I'm super excited to have a Korean companion maybe I might learn some Korean! love you all have a great week!
Elder Grossgebauer!

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My New favorite food in the world! Hawaiian Bubble Fruit!

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My Awesome friend who teaches us Korean Chess!

"Korean exerises path" it cures your eyes your ears your nose it does everything! Just like they say kimchee  cures cancer! haha

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Easter

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So this week was great we got a new investigator. We teach him english for 30 mins and then 30 mins gospel! Things are going great with our korean chess investigator!  I have to be short today we are going to go eat lunch with Elder Paynes old investigator! But this week we celebrated Sister Hans Birthday by going to Ashleys ( nice american restrurant) and we took photos at some booth place!

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Elder Payne had a competition this week. So we went to that on Saturday it was in Inchoen so we traveled a few hours on subway with some members and investigators and we watch him compete with all the worlds best gymnastics players! It was pretty cool I saw some famous korean people there and I almost got a photo with one of the guys but you can compare them to like Micheal Philps in America but here in Korea!

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 He ended up losing so it was sad!  Have a great week everyone!
Elder Grossgebauer!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bruno in Korea!!!!

Well the past 2 week were amazing! We got to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday! on Saturday we watched it only with our bishop and 2nd counselor and after we went out to dinner with all the missionaries and the sisters investigators! 
Two high school girls who are super funny to be around and they have plans to get baptized in June! Also we had a baptism last Saturday for another one of the sisters investigators! but last p-day we went to the Olympic park and walked around and took photos its right next to our area and the gym we go to for Elder Payne! But we also went to a big mall here and eat taco bell! ha-ha I miss my Mexican food! but the mall was connected to the Korean version of Disneyland!
So we walked around for a little bit and just checked things out!  Then we went to the gym and studied while Elder Payne practiced! He has an event this Saturday in Incheon! So we get to go to that with some members from our ward! but he also gets to go to Japan near the end of this month for a big comp. so we went and got a name tag that can be sowed on his uniform so that well be really cool!
 This last week I also got to experience a Korean bath house! it was super fun we got to relax in a sauna and hot tube for a couple hours! But things are going great here in Korea its a little difficult!

Well today is my first day not wearing a suit so I feel like a real missionary wearing only a short sleeve shirt! Love you all have a great week!
Elder Grossgebauer!
Bruno Mars is coming to Seoul!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Update on Elder Grossgebauer,

Hello from South Korea! We didn’t get to go hiking because it rained on Thursday! I get to watch Conference with my ward next week end. But it might just be me and my companion and two other Elders that will watch it on a laptop or we might watch it all to together with the ward we are not sure yet. They will have to read the subtitles. I can’t wait to learn what the Lord wants us to know and seek personal revelation!

Right now I’m reading in the 몰몬경(book of Mormon) I’m reading it side by side and I just made it to Mosiah I’m also reading preach my gospel, side by side so my studies are a little slow but I’m doing this so by the year mark I can maybe just read in the Korean version of the scriptures!

I also got to experience my first bath house, it was quiet the experience! It was super relaxing! The Sauna felt good! 
I  say hello in english to the kids and they will try speaking english and so it's pretty fun!
Here in Korea our english class is the best way of getting investiagors and people to come to church! this week our english class took us out to dinner and feed us!! So that is always super fun, The sister Missionaries got another Baptism last week!
I love you all so much and I absolutely love it here in Korea! I love the people! I love you all!
Love Elder G

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pad Duke 받둑

This week was great!  First off we found a new investigator! He is the best he teaches us a Korean game called 받둑(pad duke), because he always says that he is a 받둑 master and a 받둑 Missionary! 받둑 is a game like chess but you only use black and white stones and try and cover the board! All the old men here play it at the park and gamble over it! Our investigator has meet with a bunch of missionaries in the past and knows all the lessons, so it is great because I get to practice my Korean on him. He teaches us how to play and we teach him for about 30 mins! So hopefully we can get him to open up to Religion!

But this week I got my first haircut in korea it wasn't as scary as my companion made it sound I just showed the lady a picture of my hair in the MTC and she copied it! This is my new Korean Suit!

But this week we had interviews so we went to the zone leaders area and had a 15 min interview with president! After that we went to a 김밥나라 (mc donalds equivelent) and i had 순대국 ( its a soup with noodles and pig meat) - which happend to be the pigs intestines haha which i thought was super good!

This week we went to an orcesthra concert for our friend who works at pizza school! He gave us free tickets to it!

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So we went and enjoyed some amazing music!! Also one of  the the guys came out and was blind and he is super famous in korea for playing the violin!

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But this week i also learned how to make 똑뽁이 my favoirte korean food! we made it with the sisters and their investigators!
Today I dont have my p-day because we get to go to the temple this thursday and we are going hiking right after with people from our zone!

I love you all have a good week! elder G

This is where we run every morning!

This is where we work out!

I love you all! Have a good week! ELDER G.