Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 14

Week 14 “Frozen”

Weekly update, The last 2 weeks have been challenging! Dakota has not had time to Do a group email but said next week he will start it up again! I am going to give you a quick update.  His original MTC District had their 12 week follow up it went great! Here is a picture of them all!

There is 6 missionaries and 25 ward members in his area. They feed them really good. He has made a goal to only speak Korean, so the ward members are helping him. He is loving it there.

He is working hard. His missionary trainer says he is doing great. He said that Elder Grossgebauer is always willing to do anything needed.
This week they got to watch a little of the movie “Frozen”a cute show. As he got to help out with the Pre-school age kids. Said they are fun and very active! 

Disney Dishes Up a ‘Frozen’ Teaser Trailer Treat

Last week was very busy! We thank you all for your prayers and love for Elder Grossgebauer.

Stay tuned for next week’s update!


  1. So glad to hear that he's doing well. I love his goal to improve in the language and I LOVE that Elder Newton is his companion. He is a fine young man who comes from a wonderful family.