Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Thursday, October 29, 2015

​This week was great!!! 

Monday we we went and got my temple Recommend updated! and then we had family night and we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation! 
Tuesday: we went on exchanges, Me and the ZL went to a members house and helped him with college, Then after we spent a lot of time on the street doing the lords work! Then at night time we went the church and meet with Andrew, and helped us with Korean!
Wednesday: before district meeting Elder Kim teaches us Korean and he also taught us Korean history! which was really fun to learn! Then after we had singing practice because we sung on Sunday! And we meet with Sis. Jung and taught her about Jesus Christ and we committed her to a small baptismal commit, Then at night we had English class which was great!
Thursday: we went to the Temple and enjoyed that. Then after we went as a group and went hiking at a mountain near by! and it was an Adventure! Then we had basketball at the Church and that was great except i was a little worn out from hiking! 
Friday: after weekly planning we meet with handy Choice and he is doing great! He has a lot of faith and loves the scriptures. Then we meet with Andrew and he bought us Chicken! 
Saturday: We had English class and talked about Halloween! Then we had Books and basketball, I practiced my sign languages skills with a member, then after we went up and prepared for our Halloween party that was for the Single adults. And the party had a great turn out, about 200+ people  came, i was able to see a lot of people from my past areas which was great! And we got our investigator to get his wife and two sons to come and they enjoyed it a lot! 
Sunday: At Church we sang! then for Sunday school, I taught the Sign language members, and we have an American Couple who came to it and they are learning Korean sign language. I was able to teach and i had the help of Elder Kim to translate for me! Then after we Compared English and Korean Sign language, so i learn a lot of ASL. Then we had lunch with the Ward after Church, and after we cleaned and then i played with all the kids (Duck Duck Goose) haha Korean kids are so cute! Then we meet with Handy and talked about the Priesthood! Then went home and studied!! 
It was a great week i love the people here in Korea it is a great Country! I have been blessed to be able to come here and serve! I have learn so much out here! and I am sad that i only have one transfer left! I will work hard and not get Trunky!! 

Love you all 
photos: Hiking adventure! 

Halloween Party!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


This week was great! on 
P-day: we went over Gang nam, and had some lunch and went and check out a couple stores over there, Like Korea's biggest Nike store, and a store with a bunch of random collections! Then we went and got our hair cuts! Then we had family night, and after Andrew meet with us and helped us with Korean! 
Tuesday: we went to the mission home for 12 week follow up, and it was a great meeting, then we came back and taught Handy. He read all of the True to the faith over the few days! and is preparing for baptism. 
Wednesday: We meet before District meeting and Elder Kim helped us with Korean. Then we had district meeting and we did, various practices for proselyting. Then we had English class which was Great and after we meet with Andrew again! 
Thursday: we tried to proselyte but the Church workers at our Church building needed help so we went and had to prepare, and arrange stuff for the 70. Then at night we pass off some Korean practice with the Zone leaders.
Friday: We had a Conference, Elder Whiting from the Area Presidency came and spoke to use. We learned a lot of stuff that we are going to apply into our area that will help us become better! Then we had a lunch, that the Relief society sisters made that was delicious! then we did an exchange I went with Elder Kim and we meet with Handy.
Saturday: We had soccer in the morning, we played with a bunch of members and few less actives, and it was fun, I'm not the best  but i am starting to learn how to play! haha! Then we went to the Church to help the Relief society prepare for a Bazaar, and we had English class and after went up stairs to the Bazaar and it was full of people and we eat some food then we had Sign language class! Then we went home and studied! 
Sunday: Was great we went to the English branch here which is huge, then after we had the Korean ward we got ready for, and we had a few investigators come, and i had the chance to speak about Examples I talked about my Great Grandpa papa Dean! And Jesus Christ! Then we went home for dinner and studied all night!! I love it out here, i know this Church is True. I love this work and i don't ever want to stop being out here serving! God bless you all! Love Elder  Grossgebauer! 

연차 대회

This week was great! 

Monday- we went to the mall and hung out at taco bell with our friend Nodabin, and we had a great family night! 
Tuesday- we Meet with this Guy to teach him the bible and book of Mormon and the lesson was great the spirit was strong and he wants to be baptized! Then we spent a hour at the Church with a youth, and a less active friend a taught them football! 

Wed- we Had District meeting, then after we went and meet with this guy who is in charge of this work site, and he would have to leave in an out of the lesson and when he would people would come up and sit next to us and we taught like 3 lessons in 30 mins! haha then we had a good time at English class!!! 

Thursday- We had Zone training which was great! then after we spent time outside working and then we passed of a language program for my companion who is super good at Korean!! 

Friday- We meet with this man who we found at the mall on Monday and he is super faithful, he agrees with our churches doctrine, and he even said the Book of Mormon is true and he talked about how he wants to be baptized but he is a preacher at a different church right now! Then after we meet with all the youth and a few members and went to the river side and played games and eat Chicken and pizza, and we ended up getting  a lot kids at the park to come play a foot ball game with us! haha it was pretty adorable watching the Koreans learn to play for the first time! 
 Then we meet with Andrew a friend from last year who is going to meet with me and help us with Korean!! 

Saturday- we had conference all day! which was amazing! i love it so much! 
Sunday- we watch conference all day and it was full of great talks and inspiring messages! 
I love the leaders of the Lords Church i know they are leading us and helping us grow in our faith! 
I hope all of you were able to watch it!!  

I love you all  and hope God blesses you all!!! 

불꽃 Fire Flower!

Monday: We went to the Church and a Recent convert invited over 25 non members to come and play basketball, for the Holiday. And we had a mission/ member team, and we beat everyone we played! And one of the Guys wants to meet and learn about he Church! Then after we had family night and we played Korean games then, ended up playing Bang! 

Tuesday: we went to the south of our area and it was full of really Lower class homes, and so we went there and knocked on doors and meet with a lot of Interesting people! Then we went home and made a bunch of calls! and got a bunch of Appointments! 

Wednesday: Before District meeting we had time to go talk on the street and we meet a guy and had a great lesson with him and as we were doing that some other guy came up and got our number! Then we had District meeting! then we had English Class, which was fun! I teach the basic class with Elder Kim and it is mainly Speaking about america in Korean!! haha! 

Thursday: It was a rainy day so we went around again and knocked on doors! Then after our Ward missionary meeting, we had the basketball meeting and some of College kids here on exchange came to play basketball one from America and Sweden, and we played basketball, and we had a fun game, were near the end of the game i randomly shot a hock shot after making 3, 3 pointers in a a row, and swooshed it! and everyone was freaking out! haha Luck!  

Friday: After planning we went to the time square in our area and went to the park and practiced Korean! and spent all night walking around and talking with funny people!!! 

Saturday: We meet  with my friend from last year at Costco and eat lunch with him and his boys and then they came to our English class after! and we are going to start meeting with him and discuss the Church! Then after English class the American youth were up stairs after there Temple activity playing games and we went up and played some foot ball catch (500) and then We had the Activity our Bishop made called " Books and basketball" a meeting for students to come and get help with there homework, and i went and had the bishop little daughter teach me Korean out the book she was reading and it was fun cause i can understand Elementary school books! haha!   Then we had the sign language class we attended, and then we went to the han river after eating Dinner with the missionaries and a few members and we walked to the river because in our area they have a big festival/ fire work show and it was full of people so we not able to get right next to the show because we would be able to get home on time so we stayed in the back and it was a great firework show then we walked home before it got crazy, because it is Shoulder to shoulder on the street through out the area! haha! 

Sunday: Was great, we had a great day at Church and then after Church we had a few meetings and then we spent all night trying to find people!!!  
It was a great week i love you all, God bless you all!