Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, October 19, 2015

연차 대회

This week was great! 

Monday- we went to the mall and hung out at taco bell with our friend Nodabin, and we had a great family night! 
Tuesday- we Meet with this Guy to teach him the bible and book of Mormon and the lesson was great the spirit was strong and he wants to be baptized! Then we spent a hour at the Church with a youth, and a less active friend a taught them football! 

Wed- we Had District meeting, then after we went and meet with this guy who is in charge of this work site, and he would have to leave in an out of the lesson and when he would people would come up and sit next to us and we taught like 3 lessons in 30 mins! haha then we had a good time at English class!!! 

Thursday- We had Zone training which was great! then after we spent time outside working and then we passed of a language program for my companion who is super good at Korean!! 

Friday- We meet with this man who we found at the mall on Monday and he is super faithful, he agrees with our churches doctrine, and he even said the Book of Mormon is true and he talked about how he wants to be baptized but he is a preacher at a different church right now! Then after we meet with all the youth and a few members and went to the river side and played games and eat Chicken and pizza, and we ended up getting  a lot kids at the park to come play a foot ball game with us! haha it was pretty adorable watching the Koreans learn to play for the first time! 
 Then we meet with Andrew a friend from last year who is going to meet with me and help us with Korean!! 

Saturday- we had conference all day! which was amazing! i love it so much! 
Sunday- we watch conference all day and it was full of great talks and inspiring messages! 
I love the leaders of the Lords Church i know they are leading us and helping us grow in our faith! 
I hope all of you were able to watch it!!  

I love you all  and hope God blesses you all!!! 

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