Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Thursday, October 29, 2015

​This week was great!!! 

Monday we we went and got my temple Recommend updated! and then we had family night and we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation! 
Tuesday: we went on exchanges, Me and the ZL went to a members house and helped him with college, Then after we spent a lot of time on the street doing the lords work! Then at night time we went the church and meet with Andrew, and helped us with Korean!
Wednesday: before district meeting Elder Kim teaches us Korean and he also taught us Korean history! which was really fun to learn! Then after we had singing practice because we sung on Sunday! And we meet with Sis. Jung and taught her about Jesus Christ and we committed her to a small baptismal commit, Then at night we had English class which was great!
Thursday: we went to the Temple and enjoyed that. Then after we went as a group and went hiking at a mountain near by! and it was an Adventure! Then we had basketball at the Church and that was great except i was a little worn out from hiking! 
Friday: after weekly planning we meet with handy Choice and he is doing great! He has a lot of faith and loves the scriptures. Then we meet with Andrew and he bought us Chicken! 
Saturday: We had English class and talked about Halloween! Then we had Books and basketball, I practiced my sign languages skills with a member, then after we went up and prepared for our Halloween party that was for the Single adults. And the party had a great turn out, about 200+ people  came, i was able to see a lot of people from my past areas which was great! And we got our investigator to get his wife and two sons to come and they enjoyed it a lot! 
Sunday: At Church we sang! then for Sunday school, I taught the Sign language members, and we have an American Couple who came to it and they are learning Korean sign language. I was able to teach and i had the help of Elder Kim to translate for me! Then after we Compared English and Korean Sign language, so i learn a lot of ASL. Then we had lunch with the Ward after Church, and after we cleaned and then i played with all the kids (Duck Duck Goose) haha Korean kids are so cute! Then we meet with Handy and talked about the Priesthood! Then went home and studied!! 
It was a great week i love the people here in Korea it is a great Country! I have been blessed to be able to come here and serve! I have learn so much out here! and I am sad that i only have one transfer left! I will work hard and not get Trunky!! 

Love you all 
photos: Hiking adventure! 

Halloween Party!!!

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