Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pad Duke 받둑

This week was great!  First off we found a new investigator! He is the best he teaches us a Korean game called 받둑(pad duke), because he always says that he is a 받둑 master and a 받둑 Missionary! 받둑 is a game like chess but you only use black and white stones and try and cover the board! All the old men here play it at the park and gamble over it! Our investigator has meet with a bunch of missionaries in the past and knows all the lessons, so it is great because I get to practice my Korean on him. He teaches us how to play and we teach him for about 30 mins! So hopefully we can get him to open up to Religion!

But this week I got my first haircut in korea it wasn't as scary as my companion made it sound I just showed the lady a picture of my hair in the MTC and she copied it! This is my new Korean Suit!

But this week we had interviews so we went to the zone leaders area and had a 15 min interview with president! After that we went to a 김밥나라 (mc donalds equivelent) and i had 순대국 ( its a soup with noodles and pig meat) - which happend to be the pigs intestines haha which i thought was super good!

This week we went to an orcesthra concert for our friend who works at pizza school! He gave us free tickets to it!

Inline image 1

So we went and enjoyed some amazing music!! Also one of  the the guys came out and was blind and he is super famous in korea for playing the violin!

Inline image 2

But this week i also learned how to make 똑뽁이 my favoirte korean food! we made it with the sisters and their investigators!
Today I dont have my p-day because we get to go to the temple this thursday and we are going hiking right after with people from our zone!

I love you all have a good week! elder G

This is where we run every morning!

This is where we work out!

I love you all! Have a good week! ELDER G.

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