Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Annyoung Haseyo!

Annyoung Haseyo! haha these past 2 weeks were great I got to do a lot of cool things and we have some awesome investigators! So for Mothers day I was able to call my family and talk with them, I didn't Skype because it was to much of problem so I just called! It was great to hear my families voices! so 2 weeks ago we meet up with one of our investigators on Buddha's birthday; and he took us to a Buddhist temple. so it was really interesting! I got to see a lot of neat things!! the place was packed with people and I stood out pretty bad! so I had a lot of people coming up to me and talking with me!

 but Korean is coming great! people are always amazed with how much Korean I can speak because most foreigners here can get by with English so its always great first talking to some one! and they freak out even more when I tell them I have been in Korea for only 3 months!! but things are going good here in Korea! of course Korea is a really hard place to serve but it is worth it! I feel blessed every morning to be able to serve here!

I am starting to become a Korean being here, I want to take on every bit of the culture an try my hardest to be Korean! the food here is probably the most exciting thing! but now the food feels normal to me!

This week we were able to go hiking for zone conference we went next to my last area and hiked an old castle/ military base. it was super cool I saw a lot of amazing things like Korean bees! Holy cow they are huge they are the size of a 10 normal bees put together! and we also got to see breath taking views of Seoul! but due to global warming!;) the air was all gross!

We had an interesting experience me and my companion were walking behind president and his ap's and they were talking to a group of hikers and one of them was drunk or something and as they were leaving he pulled out $100 and gave it to the ap's telling us to go buy some drinks! but the ap's tried refusing to accept it, but the man forced them to talk it! Korean culture is really nice, it is about sharing and sharing!
At the top of the hike by an old Castle! It was awesome! 

My new Companion "한창용  han chang young" !

so on the streets we have people constantly asking us if we want food and offer us free stuff all the time! well have a great week everyone love you all Elder G

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