Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1st week in Korea!!!

So my stay at the mtc was awesome i am going to miss all my brothers and sisters in my district! so on monday we left at 4 in the morning and took a bus to the airport. At the airport i was able to call my loved ones which was really nice to be able to talk and hear their voices. we flew to detriot then from detriot we flew for 14 hours over canada, alaska, russia, and china. the plane ride was really nice we didnt have any turbulence. once we got to korea we had to wait because we couldnt land so are plane did a bunch of circles in the air. but as soon as we landed we got our bags and meet the mission president and his wife. We took our luggage to the mission cars and we got our subway cards then went to the subway they gave us a drink and a quick snack then we got book of mormons and pass out cards and rode the train to our mission home which took about 1 hr and 30mins. everyone here speaks english so when you want to say something they help you in english. so the first night we stayed at the mission home in the activity room! when we woke up sister morrise made all of us break feast! we then had orientation and got interviewed by the mission president. we had lunch with all the trainers and then after we meet our new companions. My new companion has been here for 1year and a half. his name is Elder Newton from salt lake city! so we left right away and took our bags to the new area that we were both going! we are opening the area of gangdong up! we have to roomates Elder payne and Elder despain, Elder payne is an Olympic athlete for canada he does gymnastics. the apartment i live in is one of the nicest but one of the smallest! when it comes to making food i eat alot of bread with peanut butter and rice and eggs! we have had alot of pizza here because members have been taking us to pizza places around here because it is like a buffet. so me and my companion have done alot of exploring here because we are new to the area and have no investigators. we have got lost a couple times but we always some how found are way back! we also teach english class! i teach the advance class with elder despain because we are the new ones to the country. It was cool are class had around 11 people all of them are in there 30's or 40's we talked about inventions the whole time! then after they took us to get food at this korean Italian restraunt i let them order for me so i could try something new they ordered spaghetti seafood! it was nice being able to talk to someone for once because we spoke english and talked about utah and things to see in korea! the students in the class made english names like jack, bryant, anne etc so that was easy for me! are church here is one of the smallest ones we have 6 missionaries and around 50 members. my district is us elders and two sisters. and this sunday we sang a song in sacrament and i gave a talk for 3 mins! which was nice because when it comes to gospel things i can speak but regular conversion i cant say a thing! which makes street contacting super hard! so in korea the man are very affectionate so they will come up and hold your hand or hold your thigh but we have a rule here were we cant talk to any female that looks to be under 30 years old! the culture here is amazing it is weird getting used to it though i find it hard not to hold the door open for people behind me because im used to doing that but here you just get your own door! but two nights ago we were walking to our apartment and this drunk older man was looking for direction so we walked him the the corner and he came up and held my hand so i walked him to the corner and he tryed hugging me but i stoped him from doing that! the subways here are super packed but no one makes a noise it is awkwardly quite! i love it here i feel really blesssed to be able to serve here! every morning when i walk out of my apartment i realize that im in korea because it is so quite in peaceful in our apartment but once we walk out there is people every where and it is super loud! The people here are always stareing at me because i tower everyone! people are super nice until they found out that we are missionaries. but today i got my foreigner card and saw elder watts again it was nice we talked for 5 mins about each others areas! well i got to go i love you all!
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