Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 2

Hello everyone. I'm on week 2 time here is flying fast. it has been a great week we heard from Elder Cook of the 12 and he talked about how there has been 1 million missionaries that have served in the past 175 years and in 25 more years there will be 2 million missionaries that will have served. It really does show how the lord is hastening his work. I was also able to hang out with Elder beck on Sunday we went and watched the Christmas Devotional which was awesome! and then after we watch a talk from Sheri dew that she gave to the MTC a few years ago. She talked about the importance of listening to the prophet and apostles. She talked about how 10 years before the economy collapsed the prophet asked everyone to try and become debt free and how he was predicted the economic drop. It was sad saying good bye to josh but he is in Paris right now living it up! I love it here at the MTC I fell like everyone in my district is my family we are all super close and it makes the MTC fun because we are always having fun (when its appropriate!) Now Korean is my favorite thing I love it. I really hate English and its stupid rules. Korean is super logical and basic. Right now I can read it and say simple sentences, I also can bare my testimony. Are investigator is now are teacher and he is super nice. We are practicing the invitation to be baptized in Korean. I'm going to have it memorized by Monday. Learning Korean is hard, But it can be done I think of it as a hill that I have to climb and once I make it ill be able to bring happiness and eternal joy into the lives of my brothers and sisters in Korea. I made goals for when I leave here I want to have 560 words memorized, 56 different testimony sentences, 56 different grammar forms learned, and 8 prepared talks. These are the elders in my district, we also have 3 sisters in our district.

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Elder Grossgebauer

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