Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 8

WOW time has passed by so fast i got 10 days until im on my way to Korea! Im starting to feel like a real missionary! Im nervous for Korean but most of the Koreans i have talked to can speak English so i should be fine! This week wasn't as interesting! we heard from Sheri Dew, and bishop Causse. They talked about love and the power we have as missionaries! But for TRC this week we talked to a kid in Korea through Skype, we gave him a 40 min lesson in Korean! he told us that he was getting ready to turn his papers in! so that was super exciting! This week i ran a 5k for gym i ran it in 22mins! i have been running alot here i run atleast a mile a day! We got a new group this week 12 native Korean missionaries 5 elders and 7 sisters! they are the nicest people to talk to, and they speak Korean so fast! This week my district was able to escort the senior missionaries, and the new missionaries on Wednesday! we had 600 new missionaries come in i was able to see a couple friends that i knew in high school! This week i memorized the first vision in Korean! so im ready for Korea now! The new group of american Korean speaking missionaries are the unluckiest group of missionaries, one of the sisters almost had and appendicitis the first week, one elder destroyed his foot and has to walk on crutches, and another elder pulled his shoulder out of his socket and has to go home for a month then can come back! Im so glad that i was able to stay here at the mtc for so long i love it here! but i cant wait to leave and experience the real world! i love you all so much thanks for the support and love you give me! love 끄로쓰끄빠워 장로 - my korean name!

We get plenty of food here!!!
Love Grossgebauer

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