Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 7

So this was the best week at the MTC by far! Besides the oldest group of Korean missionaries that left to Korea! But last P day i received an email from Elder Pendleton telling me to go look for some treasure under a rock by one of the MTC buildings! So me and my companion spent 5 mins looking under rocks! then on the last attempt i lifted a rock with a Tupperware dish full of toys and candy's that was left there for me! Then on Sunday the oldest group left! and they gave away past downs! i was honored to receive the mini fridge past down! so now everyone is putting their sodas and stuff in it! so our room is like the hang out room before bed! So we had 40 new missionaries come in to the mtc on wed. and one of them was from Australia so he came in on Monday! so me and my companion were assigned to be with him until Wednesday! So we had the opportunity to usher for the Tuesday devotional! So we had to ask some one else to be companions with Elder Dixon. The rumor was that Elder Bednar was coming because there was a lot of seminars for the new temple visitor center missionaries! so we talked to a couple going to Portland Oregon and the said Elder bednar was coming on Tuesday to confirm to use that he was coming! so all the elders in my district were super excited because we could usher for Elder Bednar and get front row seats! so the night of the devo. we blocked off the first 3 rows for the older couples coming! I was assigned to be usher next to the first couple rows to block them off from other missionaries! So Elder bednar walked in and sat down and i was super excited because he was only 15 yards or so away! So i focused back on ushering then every one started looking towards my aisle. So i turned around and elder bednar was walking start towards me and he was starring right at me! so my heart was pounding!(much like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert!) But he stopped right in front of me and hugged one of the older gentlemen in the row right next to me! i was only a step away from him! i was hoping so bad that he would shake my hand but he didn't! But that night his wife called on Elder dixon and his temporary companion!(because they were lucky to get the front row!) she asked them to come up and talk about what the like about their companion! so elder dixon just said something nice about his companion that he had for only a hour! then as he sat down Elder bednar called him out for having his orange sticker on his tag!( that signifies a new missionary) and said "Elder you still have on, what we call a dork dot!" so everyone started laughing! so we refer to Elder dixon as the luckiest missionary!! So the rest of this week has been great! we went to the temple today and watched the new video that they have now! ( i love it) well i love you all i hope you all have a great week! 
My Fridge!

Treasure I found!

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