Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Prep Day!! Annyoung!

The MTC is amazing, I love it  the spirit is so strong here, its amazing the diversity of people that you can meet here. I love my district I have 3 sisters and 7 elders in my district. yesterday my companion was called to be district leader. and I think he is a stud he is from highland, and his name is Elder Watts, we are the tallest companionship in the district he towers me though he is 6'4" , he is one of the nicest guys I've meet. at first are group was quiet but now we feel like a family.
Its amazing how fast you start learning yesterday we spent 4 hours straight studying Korean. the teacher is awesome he speak Korean the whole time but after a while you start to learn and understand what he is saying. Right now I'm studying the alphabet and basic words. But today at 6 we are going to teach an investigator with the 3 sentences we know how to say. We hang out with some of the older Korean groups that are here and its amazing how much you can learn in 5 weeks. its weird having my prep day so soon. But next week ill love it when I do laundry for the first time. I love it here i thought it would be more strict and harder but I feel its pretty easy. I love how we are able to plan, and be able to figure things out by ourselves. Ill start sending photos next week i just need to take some photos first. we also get gym time every other day. My branch sucks at basketball but i also suck along with them. hopefully we can improve our skills before we get to Korea! gym time is great we are able to run and workout as well. its amazing how fast you bond with your district i love everyone in it. Its great to have friends with you especially when your studying Korean.  ill keep you all in my thoughts and prays!  love you all. annyoung!
Elder Grossgebauer

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