Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 5

This week was Awesome with New years! i hope everyone enjoyed the year 2013 because it was an amazing year for me! Celebrating new years by going to bed at 1030 wasn't too bad we partied in the hall for 15mins, we shot silly string, and blew whistles! We also sat down and ate chips and salsa! it was a funny sight! seeing 15 kids surrounding a thing of salsa and chips! But of course right after we all got the vacuums out and cleaned everything up because it was a mess! This week was great we all have a set of chopsticks that Elder Demilles mom sent to everyone! we eat with them at dinner every night! The food here got old fast, so all i eat are wraps, and a bowl of rice! ( got to get ready for Korea) We found out that we are having a schedule change on the 6th we will be having class in the morning instead of night, and ill be having my p-days on thursdays now! The temple is opening on the 6ths so ill get to go next week! This last sunday i was called to be The sacrament Coordinator, Here at the Mtc the korean branch is one of the biggest so we have around 40-50 people right now and in a few weeks we will be back at 80! so that exciting! This week i got a haircut it was the first time in a long time, that i had a razor used on my hair! it wasn't as bad as the rumors going on around here, made it sound! I've made it halfway through my MTC stay! one more month and we will be on are way to HANGUK(korea). We decked out are room last p-day with the glow in the dark stars, we copied constellations on are ceiling so it feel like we are sleeping outside! This week i figured out how many words i know and can recognize! I counted around 540 words, i have the missionary purpose memorized along with the baptismal invitation. I have been working hard on this language and i plan on being fluent by my one year mark, hopefully much sooner! i love all of you! i miss you guys! I promise ill get better at posting photos! the computer i am using won't allow me to post anything!
Elder Grossgebauer!
New Years Eve!

This guy is out in front of the MTC every morning!

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