Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 4

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I've had a great time here at the MTC. We were able to hear from elder Evans from the quorum of the seventy, and Elder Bednar from the quorum of the twelve. Elder Evans talked a lot about the power of communication! Elder Bednar did something really sweet! He didn't have a topic on something he was speaking about! instead he did something completely new. He passed out 200 cell phones to 3000 missionaries and he had an I pad that received the text we sent to him. We were able to ask him anything and he was only able to answer about 10 questions. But we received a lot of advice. Some of the advice i got was, when we feel the feeling inadequacy, that its okay to feel like that because that means you have the respect and know the power that you have with your call! As long as we trust in our father in heaven, we will have him there to help us along the way! The MTC is a great place to be on Christmas, me and my roommates and some other elders got together Christmas morning and opened presents. All of us received a life time supply of sweets and chocolate. After that we went to the devotional room and enjoyed a awesome talent show! there were people playing the violin like Lindsey sterling, magic shows, along with piano performances! We had an elder in our district preform as well he is from Canada, Elder shaver played the guitar like the kid does on August rush! Me and my companion also helped preform the 12 days of Christmas on stage for the Lady conducting the meeting! We were able to enjoy sack dinners for Christmas Dinner! Then we all watched the Mormon tabernacle Choir Christmas special! and Mr. Kruegers Christmas!
My Korean is coming along great! All we do here is study, study, then study, and finally study some more! Me and my district were blessed to clean the Provo temple today! we cleaned the baptismal font and bathrooms. We were lucky enough to take a tour through the temple from one of the temple workers, we say all the rooms in the temple, and were able to seat in the Celestial room for 10 mins. I enjoy it here at the MTC i can't wait to go to Korea though. I love you all and have a happy new years!

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