Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 6

This week went by super fast!! the new schedule is great! we have class in the mornings and afternoon. Then we go to gym and study the rest of the night! Today we went to the temple for the first time! the Provo temple is wonderful! we woke up at 5:15 to do laundry early that way we have more time to study this afternoon, for TRC. I love TRC we teach BYU students that know Korean and give them a 20 min lesson on that weeks topic! This week my Companion got called to serve as zone leader. On Sundays we have leadership training and out of the 10 people that can go to it 4 are from my district! the Branch presidency told us that we our one of the hardest working districts and that we a succeeding with the Korean language. This next week we are losing one district because they fly to Korea. its going to be sad, because we've been able to bond these past 6 weeks. Their district is serving in Pusan! But next Wednesday we get 40 new Korean missionaries that well be serving in Seoul, and Seoul south! we are going to be the biggest branch again when they get here! So this week Elder Demille and Elder shaver, were teaching their lesson and they tried to find a scripture to read to the investigator they tried opening the Korean scriptures up to D&C 9, but they opened up to Moroni 9:7-9, if you want a good laugh read it and imagine like you are an investigator that doesn't know much about the Book of Mormon! Well things here are great! i cant wait to get to Korea though! the time has gone by fast! we only have 24 more days until we leave! i guess we are flying to Detroit and then from Detroit to the Inchon airport! we well be flying through the arctic circle i guess! but that is just what the last Seoul south group flew! The best part about the MTC is the devotionals we heard from Brother Reynolds, and Bishop Stevenson! the advice they gave was awesome! Well i cant wait til i go to Korea, and then ill be able to share some awesome stories! love you all!

Well i was going to post some photos but the computers here are super difficult! I will try and sent some next time!

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